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The Flocco Method™

The Flocco Method™: In the early 1980’s Bill Flocco, Director and Founder of American Academy of Reflexology, popularized and formalized the “Flocco Method-Integrating Foot, Hand & Ear Reflexology.” The Flocco Method works all three Reflexology maps – those on the feet, hands and outer ears – during the same Reflexology session to help deliver more effective results for relief of a wide range of health challenges. This method utilizes Priority Reflexing which is based on the principle of knowing which of the three – feet, hands, or ears – to reflex 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, for alleviating pain in specific parts of the body, most consistently and more dependably in helping the body address that pain.

Lisa earned her Full Reflexology Certificate from the American Academy of Reflexology in 1991 and has been teaching Academy classes in various parts of California and the USA since 1995. Lisa is a licensed Acupuncturist, has an active Reflexology and Acupuncture practice in the Greater Los Angeles area. She has conducted the popular Beginning and Integrated Certificate Course, Spa Reflexology, Infant, Child, Teen Reflexology, and other classes for many years. She hosted her own cable TV show called “Healers on Healing,” was editor of the “Reflexology Digest” for the Reflexology Association of California, and author of a Reflexology Coloring Book.