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What people are saying about Sacred Winds; Wholistic Healing for Women!

There are angels among us and Roseanne is definitely one of them. I have never met a gentler soul who fully employs her divine gifts to help others lead a more balanced, purposeful life. I had my first ever channeling session with Roseanne via Zoom and her abilities far outweighed the fact that we had to rely on technology and could not be in the same room. I felt very connected and sensed Roseanne’s deep, genuine authenticity and attention to me as an individual. She even took the time to follow up the next morning with new information she had received after the session and continues to periodically check in on me. What a loving, caring person!

With immense gratitude –
Nadine Hatzitolios McGill
Speaker, Author, Confidence Coach

When I first booked in with Roseanne, I was expecting a standard 60 minute massage. What I received was so much more than that. She took the time to get to know me, and my past physical restrictions and incorporated some new techniques that I felt were catered specifically to me. She was present and attentive and I would recommend her to anyone looking for more than just your standard massage. Every time I’ve seen her I’ve left feeling amazing!

She always ensures that your comfort is her number one priority. She is the only massage Therapist I go to in the Strathmore area, as she does personalized essential oils and has many different techniques to make sure all your needs are met. Love the atmosphere!

I have been a friend and client of Roseanne for 20 years. I can tell you without reservation that she is the best massage therapist I have ever had.
She uses a combination of many modalities depending on your needs and preferences. She seems to be able to zero in on the problem areas.
Her kind, intuitive nature is very therapeutic. As she pays attention to the body, mind and the spirit, I find I leave feeling lighter in all 3 areas!
I highly recommend her therapy.

Eva Swanson

As a new resident of Strathmore, I spent a couple months looking for a massage therapist that would be a good fit. I wanted someone I would feel comfortable with but also someone that would excell in her art to help my body feel good, relaxed and taken care of. I found all of this and even more with Sacred Winds Healing. Roseanne is a gem. She has this calmness and truly has a gift at taking care of body and soul. Spending an hour with her brings me such good that I can’t even imagine not being able to go anymore. When I think of wellness and taking care of myself, I think of Sacred Winds Healing.
Thank you for caring so much about your clients. I can’t wait for the reopening.


I recently experienced a beautiful distant Angel Wheel Healing session with Roseanne and the Angels. I broke my wrist 3 weeks ago so I have been in pain and discomfort. Roseanne suggested for me to try a session with her, she was at her home in Strathmore and I was at mine North West of Cochrane. I was fortunate to have seen the layout of the Angel wheel a few days prior so I could visualize the rocks representing several different Arch Angels surrounding me as I lay on my bed. Roseanne and I hooked up on FaceTime so I could hear her beautiful voice during the session. As soon as she opened the healing wheel I could feel my body and mind relax into a meditative state, colours started swirling in my closed eye vision. There was such a calming presence and feeling around me, my body was tingling and warm. Roseanne has such an amazing healing gift that is present in all of her healing modalities. The Angel Wheel Healing left me feeling peaceful and relaxed. I definitely feel it helped my healing move to another level as it is difficult to heal when we are not in a relaxed, peaceful state.
Thank you Roseanne and all the angels that were present
~ Deb Beynon

I’ve been a client of Roseanne’s for several years. She has always been very professional and the very best at all the healing modalities she offers. I highly recommend Sacred Winds Healing.
~ D.W., Strathmore.

Roseanne is an excellent healer, not only with massage but a number of healing modalities she has up her sleeve! 😇 I always look forward to her treatments!
~ P.T., Strathmore.

I recently had my first healing session with Roseanne. From the moment I walked into the room I felt very comfortable and calm. Roseanne is a heart centered spiritually grounded healer who operates on a high vibrational frequency not only during a session but in all aspects of her life. When I felt the energy transfer from her hands I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. If you are needing to ‘fill your well’, get re-centered and recharged – I strongly recommend you contact Roseanne at Sacred Winds Healing.
~ Namaste Dawn

Rosanne has been my massage therapist for years. She knows me so well that I can tell her what her hurts and let her suggest the best way to address it. As we go along, if she finds a troublesome spot she does what is best to resolve the issue, my sore feet love the hot stones between my tiny toes.
She has recently added Dien Chan (a facial reflexology treatment that I prefer to call “the face pokey thingy”) that has made a huge difference in my day to day functioning. When I have Roseanne perform Dien Chan on me at the beginning of a massage, the rest of the massage is even more effective. It’s like getting a two-for-one treatment.
Now that Sacred Winds has its own permanent space in Strathmore again it is even more relaxing. Roseanne fills it not only with her tools of her trade, but her gentle healing energy.
~ Leslie Pringle, Strathmore

Had the best Hot Stone Massage yesterday! Would definitely recommend seeing her.
~ Brittany Coates, RMT

Roseanne is simply amazing! She has been giving me massages and energy treatments for many years. I highly recommend her!!
~ Rhonda McHallam Bruce

I started going to Roseanne about a year ago and she has been the most amazing therapist I have encountered. Her massages are fantastic and she really seems to know where to work. Roseanne is also a Reiki master and uses all tools at her disposal to make sure you leave feeling 110%. She is truly a caring person and her therapies are more of a calling then a simple job. She has helped me with a bad neck and shoulders and even relieved tooth pain til I could get in to see my dentist. The setting for her massages is one of complete peace and tranquility. Give Roseanne a call you won’t be disappointed.
~ Devon Tupper Firkus