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Make Anything Possible®

MAP is an abbreviation of “Manifesting All Possibilities®,” and a cutting edge coaching system that is working on memories we collect throughout our existence, conscious and unconscious, and across all lifetimes. MAP was developed by Colette and Valentin Streicher, the founders of MAP Coaching Institute. Colette and Val extended the profound work done by Dr. Garry Flint who developed the “Process Healing Method” presented in his book “A Theory and Treatment of Your Personality – a Manual for Change.”
Listen to the story of MAP Coaching

Manifesting All Possibilities® Coaching – short MAP – is a sophisticated and very powerful Coaching System that combines different psychological approaches, to cause positive changes in the way we think, feel and act.

Our brain/mind is operating based on past memories.

There is a vast amount of memories we store throughout our life, and many of those memories are traumas with painful emotions attached to them. Trauma memories are about any unpleasant and /or negative experience or event. Some of the memories are conscious but many are not.
Negative, traumatic experiences and events, especially the very intense ones, are causing limiting memories, thoughts and emotions which are blocking, limiting, and keeping us from being the BEST of ourselves and from creating a fulfilled life we really desire and love!
The main power of MAP Coaching lies in utilizing the ability of the SuperConscious Mind – the inner Genie – to neutralize negative memories, thoughts, emotions or beliefs and to reinforce positive, self-empowering ones causing desired changes in the brain and mind. This happens while the client, You, is remaining in a pleasant relaxation.

How Can You Imagine this MAP-Magic to Happen?

Here Is an Analogy.
Imagine the brain as an extraordinary computer that is processing, sorting and storing an incredible amount of data. You are using this computer 24/7.
One day you start to experience computer issues. The computer is shutting down unexpectedly, the cursor doesn’t appear on the computer screen anymore, the keyboard shortcuts don’t work, and finally, you cannot access your important files anymore.
All those issues are very annoying, disturbing your work, and making you working harder and longer hours to get anything done.
You don’t know how to help yourself and decide to ask a professional for assistance. The advice is to install an Anti-Virus application to identify and restore or erase affected data to get rid of the problems. You do as you are told.
You download the Anti-Virus program that collects the information and repairs the affected data. All this takes only a short time for the application is very powerful. Then the magic happens and your computer is free of any bugs, and you are surprised how much fun it is using it.
Do you know how the Anti-Virus app repaired your computer? Of course, not. However, you can see and experience the beautiful results after the repair.
All you need is to decide to try MAP and to allow your Superconscious to work on your issues while you are in a relaxed state focusing on the problem. Then the magic happens and you are surprised how much more you can enjoy yourself making progress with your goals and dreams, and creating a life you really desire.

Why MAP might be for you.

Do you have unexplained emotional outbursts?
You’ve shoved away some memories but they are coming back.
Your childhood had some unpleasant experiences that are still in your daily thoughts.
You are experiencing anxiety that keeps you from enjoying life.

Hi, I’m Roseanne. My personal experience with MAP is that it helped me clear childhood abuses without getting triggered. I’m also the Mom of a Special Needs Child who is a Dependant Adult Child. Through the experiences of motherhood, we all have stress and over rated expectations of ourselves. MAP helps keep me in balance and more grounded so I can help myself first and my child benefits from a happier Mom. I’ve now begun to work with the children and I’m very impressed how easy they are accepting this gentle process. In some sessions I can work with the parent and child together, even though they are working on their own issues at the same time. I love helping children and their parents have a better life together.