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The Nature of Aromatherapy is as a wholistic treatment, restoring a balance to mind and body as well as specific use in treating various symptoms of dis-ease. Aromatherapy encompasses the use of Therapeutic Essential Oils. Roseanne uses 100% Therapeutic Grade Oils, tested in laboratories, from Scents of Health in Edmonton. These oils are the fragrant essences of plants in their purest, most concentrated state. Essential Oils are the plant’s “soul” extracted to bring the Essence of Well Being into your life.

These extracts from nature are a gift for you to treasure and enjoy for aromatic enjoyment and healing purposes. The Essential Oils are blended or used alone in a carrier oil or special lotion. A selection of oils are used depending on the client’s specific need, from the simple relaxation to assistance in healing of various pains.

Chakra Balancing Products

Chakra Retrieval & Balance
Embrace the unconditional of the Sacred Feminine. These perfectly blended oils are infused with the vibrations of the plant & mineral kingdons, a gift from Mother Earth. Then they are blessed under the light of the full moon in a copper pyramid while empowered with colour therapy. Enjoy them while you work with them – Full Moon Goddess.

Or choose the Chakra roll-on, which has the appropriate gemstones in the bottom of the bottles “Chakra on the go!”

These are made in Canada.

To purchase these products, please contact Roseanne. Or get Roseanne to create you your own custom elixer.

NOTE: You may choose a blend or single oil to take home for your personal healing use. Please see Roseanne for purchasing or ordering information.