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About Roseanne

Roseanne de Beaudrap is passionate about health.  She is a Registered Massage Therapist with NHPC* since 2003 and a Certified MAP coach. For numerous years she has been helping people experience better physical and emotional lives with her wholistic skills** and intuition.

Many health challenges have both a physical and emotional origin, so together these techniques enable you to accelerate your progress towards a state of increased satisfaction, balance and well-being.  

Roseanne believes the pursuit of true well-being requires a multi-faceted approach using a wholistic perspective to ensure that all aspects of a person’s health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) are being addressed, supported and healed.

Roseanne uses her wide variety of expertise to address physical and emotional concerns such as stress, pain, fatigue, poor quality sleep, mood imbalances, and helps you become aware of the lifestyle behaviors and mental thoughts that are no longer serving you.

Through the process of Massage, Sound Vibration Healing, Energy Healing, and mentoring with Manifesting All Possibilities Coaching (MAP) support, she guides you through the process of making adjustments that will assist you to achieve greater levels of health and harmony.

MAP provides a simple yet effective mechanism by which the negative experiences or beliefs are identified and cleared so you can enjoy more comfort, confidence and success.

MAP also goes deeper into the subconscious mind for total and complete alignment. It is a course of action that can be experienced by adults and children who are open to different, yet effective avenues of compassionate coaching, to positively change their lives.

In her MAP consultations, Roseanne creates a safe space in which you are relaxed, awake and aware, and can fully explore and neutralize your fears, challenges, limitations, negative beliefs and mental blocks.

* Therapeutic/hot stone massage, Cranial Sacral therapy, Reflexology (feet, hands & ears), Reiki, manual lymphatic drainage, dynamic cupping, natural face lift massage, Indian head massage, Dien Chan multi-Reflexology, sound vibration healing, EFT (tapping), Quantum Touch, Christa energy healing, crystal healing, aromatherapy/essential oils and pre/post natal massage.

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I am very honoured to assist you as I work from my heart and hands to serve you. My passion is helping people in whatever way I can. You will find all the modalities I offer are listed on my site. Each healing experience is different depending on what you require on that day and which modality you choose. Usually I combine modalities for your needs that show up during your treatment so it is difficult for me to put things into a prearranged “package”, how ever that is available if you wish.
Looking forward to connecting with you soon.
~ In service and love to All,